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html - 如何为我的网站添加 iPhone 图标?


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iphone - 苹果触摸图标的正确像素尺寸是多少?


许多网站似乎重复说苹果触摸图标应该是 57x57 像素,但引用了一个断开的链接作为它们的来源。

Hanselmanplaygroundblues的评论建议使用不同的尺寸,包括 163x163 和 60x60。

Apple 自己的apple.com 图标是 129x129!

请参阅我的相关问题: 如何为我的网站提供 iPhone 图标?

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iphone - 使用 Cocoa 和 Objective-C 理解引用计数

我刚刚开始研究 Objective-C 和 Cocoa,以便使用 iPhone SDK。我对 Cmallocfree概念相当满意,但 Cocoa 的引用计数方案让我很困惑。有人告诉我,一旦你理解它,它就非常优雅,但我还没有完全理解它。



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iphone - iPhone web applications, templates, frameworks?

Does anyone have any good starting points for me when looking at making web pages/sites/applications specifically for viewing on the iPhone?

I've looked at templates like the one Joe Hewitt has made, and also seen some templates I can purchase, which I haven't done yet.

I figured someone else had already started on this track and decided that I could probably leech on their newfound knowledge :)

So, does anyone have any pointers? I'm well aware of the problem that the more such a template/framework makes a web app look like a native iPhone app, the more likely I'm going to get into trouble because it just isn't, but for now I want a framework I can start building on, and then in the process figure out how to make it distinctive enough to be perceived as a web app as well as looking like a native iPhone application.

Specifically I'm looking for features like:

  • stylesheets set up, or pointers to how to do them for iPhone
  • page flipping animation, ie. pick an item in a list, list scrolls out of view to the left and information for item scrolls in from the right
  • the animation part would have to work with dynamic pages, ie. not just one big page that has divs set up for each sub-item, which at least one such framework had as a sort of quick fix, I would need to have list item picking load the page for that item, and then when loaded, scroll to it

Edit: To avoid people reading only the question and answering, before reading my other reply, I'll add my clarification for GPL licensing and similar issues here.

The framework I need to use can not be distributed under a license which would require me to license my own project out under a similar license. The GPL family of licenses allows for exceptions regarding library usage, but this won't apply to this since by necessity, the kind of framework I would need to use would be all source code.

The project can easily accomodate commercial libraries.

Also, I don't need a library or a framework as such, example files that look good and aren't overly obfuscated would be welcome as well.

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iphone - 移动用户的最佳 Wiki

大多数 wiki 软件我都在他们的页面上展示了很多“功能”。这对桌面用户来说很好,但在使用 iPhone 或其他移动设备时很烦人。


对于移动用户来说,什么是好的 wiki 包?

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ios - 如何使用 Windows 开发机器为 iPhone 开发?

有没有办法在 Windows 机器上修改 iPhone SDK?是否有针对 Windows 的 iPhone SDK 版本的计划?

我能想到的唯一另一种方法是在 Windows 上运行的VMWare服务器上运行 Mac VM 映像,尽管我不太确定这是否合法。

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iphone - 虚拟Mac?

我正在考虑尝试为 iPhone 进行一些开发,是否可以在 VMWare 中安装 Leopard?我已经有一台配置舒适的高规格 PC,我想使用它,还是需要购买真正的 Mac?

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iphone - 通过 Web 访问 Core Location 框架的 iPhone 应用程序

我想知道是否可以通过网站访问 iPhones Core Location 框架?

我的目标是建立一个 iPhone 可以浏览的 webapp/网站,然后上传它当前的 GPS 位置。这将是一个供朋友/家人使用的简单站点,因此我们可以相互定位。我可以让他们手动输入 lng/lat,但这不是最容易找到的。如果 iPhone 可以自动显示或上传,那就太好了。

我还没有 Mac(等待新的 Mac Book Pro),但现在想要一些更自动化的东西。一旦我有了 mac,我就可以下载 SDK 并在以后构建一个更好的版本。现在,如果可能的话,一个 webapp 版本会很棒。谢谢。

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ios - iPhone App 减去 App Store?

如果我在我的 Mac 上创建一个应用程序,有什么方法可以让它在 iPhone 上运行而无需通过应用商店?


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iphone - Does the Iphone 1/2 have a compass inside?

Can one be simulated by periodicly syncing with GPS and in the meen while working with the accelerometer? I know for example that the N95 accelerometer is invarient to rotation on the Y axis (while beeing face up/down).