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android - gradle-experimental:0.1.0 buildConfigField

有人知道如何buildConfigField在实验性 gradle 插件中定义吗?



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android - lintOptions for experimental Gradle build tool in Android Studio 1.3

As Android Studio 1.3 coming with NDK support, I tried to convert my Gradle scripts (build.gradle app/build.gradle and gradle-wrapper.properties) following this link http://tools.android.com/tech-docs/new-build-system/gradle-experimental.

However, I cannot find any guidance about lintOptions from both the tutorial as well as ndk example repository https://github.com/googlesamples/android-ndk

My app/build.gradle

The sync failed with log: Error:Cause: com.android.build.gradle.managed.AndroidConfig_Impl

If I remove the lintOptions block, it seems to sync OK but build fails later.

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android - Issue when migrating to Gradle Experimental 2.5 : no such method AndroidConfig

I have just updated my Android Studio setup to 1.3 (latest stable as of 31st of August 2015) and I need to use the latest NDK integration. My previous Android Studio version was 1.2.1 (stable as well).

Following Google Migration to Gradle Experimental Guide I managed to easily adapt my various gradle scripts.

However, Gradle Sync fails with the following error :

[Update 1 -> see below, error updated]

When I attempt to Make the project, I obtain a little more detailed error :

App refers to the main application code (with activities and other).

Using the feature F4 > Jumping to Source, it opens my build.gradle script from my app project.

This is the content of the aforementioned script :

As you can see, there is nothing very fancy here. But you might notice there is some unit testing setup :

androidTestCompile could not be resolved while migrating to GradleExperimental so I modified following a solution I can no longer find (sorry) where I would simple put compile in stead of androidTestCompile. This was the error :

I tried to compare one of Google's NDK sample (hello-jini for example) as provided in the aforemention guide and available here.

Except the packagingOptions I could not find any differences that would be responsible for my awry. I tried to remove packagingOptions but that did not make a single change at all.


You will notice that the more detailed error message states that it's in line #17 which is where I declare my native build settings. I fixed the error which was cFlags must be changed to CFlags and I added the = as required by the new version of Gradle. This did help, the error does not appear anymore but changed for :

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android - 在 android studio 上使用 NDK 构建原生 openCV

我正在制作一个使用 openCV 的 C++ 项目,我希望使用 android NDK 支持在 android studio 上构建它。
这样做我发现只有 gradle 的实验版本支持 NDK。我目前正在使用 0.2.1 版的 gradle。我将 opencv 作为模块导入,并将库复制到 src/main/ 下的 jniLibs 文件夹

我试图编译它,但我遇到了某些错误,例如对 libopencv_core.a 的 parallel.cpp 中某些函数的未定义引用。他们在导入第三方库时得到了解决:libtbb.a

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "__gnu_thumb1_case_si" referenced by "libtracking_bits.so"

这是我的 build.gradle :


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android - Gradle (android 实验插件) 忽略项目依赖

我在以下项目结构中使用 Gradle Android Experimental 插件:





图书馆项目构建得非常好。在 Android Studio 中,它不会显示任何错误。但是,当尝试使用 Gradle 构建这个项目时,它只会尝试构建app项目并且实际上会忽略my-library依赖关系,呈现类未找到错误。


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android - gradle 和 gradle-experimental 有什么区别?

我知道新版本都支持 Android 应用程序的 NDK。但是许多插件不适用于 gradle-experimental。

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android - 将 productFlavor 添加到实验性 Android gradle 插件库

我有一个使用实验性 gradle 插件的项目,即0.2.0. 当我没有productFlavor时,我可以在 Android Studio 中完美地集成一个库模块,并且一切正常。但是当库有 时productFlavor,我的主项目找不到库类。

修复似乎不适用于实验性 gradle 插件。有谁知道如何使口味与新插件一起使用?



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android - 在 gradle experimental 中使用预编译头文件



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android - 如何仅针对 ARM 目标使用 NDK 构建基于 Android Gradle 的应用程序?

我有一个来自供应商的 .so 文件,它只支持“arm”。目前它非常适合我的 Android 应用程序。不知何故,我想使用 Android Studio 模块分离实现,因此我可以按照本教程https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i4I-Nph-Cw将模块导出为 Jar 。

当我导出 JAR 时,构建过程返回错误

日志说 gradle 试图针对 mips 构建,但由于库不兼容而失败,因为我只有 arm 库。我的问题是如何跳过针对 mips 的构建过程?或者是否有可能只针对 ARM 架构?


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android - 使用 gradle 实验插件编译 NDK

我正在尝试为我的 NDK 项目使用 Experimental Gradle Plugin,但它不编译 ndk。一切看起来都很好——Android Studio 理解我的 C 代码,可以从 Java 跳转到本机等等,但是当我运行“构建”时,跳过了编译 ndk 的步骤——我看不到像“compileNdk”这样的任务。

那我错过了什么?如何告诉 gradle 编译 NDK?

root build.gradle:

模块 build.gradle:

我在 Windows 7 上使用 Android Studio 1.4.1。ndk.dir 指向由 AS 下载的“ndk-bundle”文件夹。